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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Can I volunteer on one of your projects?

    • Yes you can. We mostly work with locals on the ground and try not to send internationals around as there are already more than capable locals who often understand the culture, language and political situation better, however there are some exceptions in which we will send volunteers out in the field. We have a lot more openings for volunteering within our homeless projects than we do for our refugee projects. We are also looking for volunteers to join our in-house team for fundraising, logistics, communications and admin.

  • Where does My Name is Human get its funding from?

    • Mostly private donations, crowdfunding and occasionally through partnerships. Our projects don’t cost as much as they seem like they would on the outside because we mostly use up-cycled materials and locals, keeping funds to a minimum whilst creating maximum impact with what we have.

  • How did My Name is Human project start?

    • We started in 2017, soon after our founder, Gemita Samarra, was homeless herself. Her experience living on the streets was an eye opening one to say the least, and she learnt how degrading it was to be given food and clothing out of sympathy, even though it is often needed. Gemita wanted to start something more personal and humanising that helped those in need remember who they are deep down. You can’t help someone who doesn’t want to help themselves, so we believe self development is the first step towards creating long term, positive change. At first this involved Gemita taking the homeless on day trips to museums, cinemas, libraries, on nature walks, climbing gyms and swimming pools. The change she saw develop within the people she worked with was unparalleled by any other system Gemita had seen before, and that’s how it all started.

  • How can I start my own organisation?

    • First ask yourself if you really want to manage an entire organisation, or if you want to just do something good- and for that, you don’t need an organisation. You can run any project you like without the need to start an organisation- so ask yourself why you would want to at first. You can also partner with organisations and offer to run your project through their system to make things easier- this is something we are very open to and encourage.

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