‘KEY ONE’ Projects are our longer term, larger projects.


Build Tomorrow

Working in partnership with Karam House- a creative maker-space school for refugee students based in Reyhanli and Istanbul. We have chosen 10 of the global My Name is Human Projects, including building water filters for drinking and also to capture pollution in trenches, creating wind, solar and human powered energy, making waterproof clothes, showers and washing machines from up-cycled materials and a couple of community and residential space design projects inspired by Earthships and Bluezones. The students have been researching about the projects and then use 3D printers, laser cutters and the wood workshop to build functioning prototypes and package the ideas up into an easy step-by-step guide. Our aim is to eventually package up these ideas and create an open source toolkit for other NGO’s and aid workers to work with.


The Other 364

In March 2019, the women’s group of Nakivale refugee settlement, Uganda, came together to talk about different problems they face in their area within the settlement. The problems ranged from environmental issues, lack of safety, little to no education around childbirth and family planning, food and water scarcity and many more.

On International Women’s Day 2019, we launched ‘The Other 364 Project’- a 12 month plan to work towards immediate and effective solutions for the Sustainable Development Goals.

Each month the group will activate one of the solutions for the goals, which will remain in place after the month has finished, leaving long term, maximum impact solutions for the wider community to benefit from.

See a short film from the first month here.


Orange Zones

Orange Zones are regions of the world where people live with the shortest life expectancy due to their lifestyle and the environment they live in.

Through identifying where these zones are and why the life expectancy is shorter, we develop adaptable solutions to transform Orange Zones into communities where citizens live longer, healthier and happier lives.

Leveraging secrets discovered in Blue Zones (regions of the world where people live the longest in; Costa Rica, California, Japan, Greece and Italy), we translate their methods into easily achievable goals for Orange Zone communities to implement.

We currently have a research team based in Kampala and have started working on the first Orange Zone in Uganda, where the average life expectancy is 45. Our next target countries are Chad, Angola and Nigeria.


That’s A Wrap! (coming 2020)

That’s a Wrap is a food truck catering service for the entertainment industry. We employ the homeless and provide accommodation, transport, training, employment and transitional support for further employment. All of our employees go through extensive training and support prior to working in the catering truck. First they go through an education program in our organic community garden, then they transfer to our training kitchen where they learn how to prepare and cook food, receiving a qualification and food and hygiene certificate, before moving into the catering trucks to serve food. 100% of our food is plant based, locally sourced and seasonal and will be served in wraps for convenience. Once working in the catering truck, our employees receive a contract for the duration of a production (or a minimum of 6 months) and are then encouraged to find other work to allow room for more employees to come through.

Screenshot 2019-09-10 at 15.21.47.png

Pop Up Store for the homeless

Phase One:

In December 2018, Stance Socks gave us temporary use of their London store basement in Covent Garden. We built a pop up store for the homeless to come and shop for clothes, hygiene products, dog food and shoes, eat fresh hot meals and receive haircuts and skincare all for free. We ran this as a test to see if it works to then further develop into phase two of the project. It couldn’t have gone better and we are very happy to announce we will be developing this project to the next stages in 2020.

Phase two:

We are developing this project to become a longer term store, but this time the homeless will be given a rewards card. In order to earn points on the card they must attend therapy, rehabilitation sessions, skills workshops and doctors appointments in order to gain points and use the store and our services. We will also be offering ongoing mentorship with our volunteer mentors, who will support our service users into housing and employment.